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Easy Eggs Benedict Recipe

An Easy Eggs Benedict Recipe to Blow Your Mind

Nibbles | July 13, 2015

So … I’m actually only partially responsible for the gorgeous eggs Benedict you see before you. I didn’t come up with the idea to prepare it, but I did contribute in my somewhat lazy, hungover way. (I think I buttered the biscuits…?) I also contributed by eating it, so I feel it’s only fair that I’m… read more

What is Kakadu Plum

Kakadu plum: The newest must-have beauty product

Skin Care | July 1, 2015

We’ve all heard of vitamin C serums (or at least I hope so), but what’s so different about Kakadu plum extract and why are we hearing so much about it? Don’t worry, I’ve taken it upon myself to compile all necessary info so you can make an informed decision on whether or not to jump on this latest… read more

what is the skinpen treatment

What is the Skin Pen treatment?

Skin Care | June 7, 2015

I feel like a cat who just discovered the daddy of catnip stashes — that’s how excited I am to be writing this post. Seriously, I’ve been looking forward to it for two months. Two whole months! Why am I so giddy to be writing about the SkinPen treatment? Come on, the first reason is obvious:… read more

low-fat egg salad recipe

Low-Fat Egg Salad Recipe

Nibbles | May 17, 2015

Egg salad is one of my favorite mayo-based salads (whether it’s in sandwich form or not). For someone like me who’s always looking for high-protein, meat-free dishes it’s the perfect go-to. It also doesn’t hurt that I’m obsessed with mayonnaise and it’s dirt cheap to prepare. But here’s the problem: Not even counting bread, the average… read more

Inspirational Quotes by Jen Sincero-3

Share-Worthy Quotes from my Latest Read

Lifestyle | April 16, 2015

I haven’t been doing much blogging lately, but I have been doing more reading (woohoo!). It’s a little promise I made to myself: whenever possible, read before bed instead of staring at that disgusting monitor you stare at all damn day. My latest read, Your are a Badass by Jen Sincero, is what I’ll call a millennial-friendly self-improvement book.… read more

Low calorie flatbread pizza recipe

Low-Calorie Flatbread Pizza Recipe

Nibbles | March 29, 2015

During the week, I’m always struggling to not eat like shit. I typically work late and then hit the gym until 9/9:30pm. By the time I make it home to my completely neglected yet always happy-to-see-me kitty, the last thing I want to do is spend 30 minutes in the kitchen. Sometimes, I’m so pooped I end up… read more

The Vajacial

The Vagina Facial: What You Need to Know

Lifestyle, Skin Care | February 24, 2015

A few weeks ago, “vagina facial” started popping up all over my Feedly. Me being the obsessed-with-anything-vagina-or-penis related person I am, I read basically every article. (Don’t deny it — you would too.) Turns out, there is such a thing as a vagina facial, AKA the vajacial. What is the vagina facial The vagina facial was “invented”… read more

Camu Camu Berries

Camu Camu Berries for Hangover Prevention

Nibbles | February 16, 2015

Those of you who have read my material (or know me personally) likely know that I’m openly anti health fads. Every time I hear “paleo,” I want to slap someone…and don’t even get me started on the cheese-hating vegans. Sure, living a healthy lifestyle involves eating a well-balanced diet with limited amounts of processed foods, but all… read more

DIY Hydrating Lip Treatment

DIY Hydrating Lip Treatment

Skin Care | February 11, 2015

I came across this DIY hydrating lip treatment while perusing my Good Housekeeping mag on a sunny Sunday and just had to share it. Thanks to the annoying, dehydrating effects of winter on lips, skin and hair, I think everyone’s lips could benefit from a little TLC. It doesn’t even get very cold here in Austin (it… read more

100 happy days 8 benefits of red wine

8 Reasons Red Wine Makes Me Happy

Lifestyle | January 7, 2015

For today’s #100happydays challenge, I’m thankful for red wine. Mainly, it brings me joy knowing it has so many benefits outside of giving me that happy/sleepy/giggly red wine buzz. (Who knew there were other benefits?!) The benefits of red wine, as told by Shannon It’s a great lipstick substitute It’s awesome for depression. Boyfriend cheated on you? Take this bottle of… read more

100 happy days-Today I'm thankful for gifs

The Best GIFs of 2015

Lifestyle | January 6, 2015

Not only was today a Monday (which sucks enough in itself), but it was the Monday after a nearly 2 week long holiday. Uuuuuuugh. I’ll be honest, the day would have been excruciating had I not been able to escape to hilarious gifs every few hours. No joke, they are sometimes the only thing that gets me through… read more

best winter fashion trends

5 Trendiest Winter Pieces

Vogue | December 29, 2014

This season, winter fashion is all about luxurious comfort. Anything loose, flowy and minimal is instantly trendy, but that means you may need some new items for your winter wardrobe. If you’re like me and can neither afford nor find the time to buy an entirely new wardrobe every season, I’ve made your work easy and… read more

best productivity applications for your phone

The 6 Best Productivity Apps for Your Phone

Lifestyle | November 13, 2014

6 Best Productivity Applications There are millions of applications out there, and we’re constantly being bombarded with new ones. It’s hard to know which ones are actually usefull and which ones are going to remain completely unused once you download it. For that reason, I’ve put together a simple list of the 6 best productivity applications that… read more

100 Days of Happy - Clothes Swap 5

100 Days of Happy : Closet Swaps

Lifestyle | November 13, 2014

Oooook, you win — I haven’t posted in several days and have therefore “failed” my #100daysofhappy challenge after 2 days (super sad face). Unfortunately, one blog post a day is much harder for a girl as busy as I than I had initially thought. So first and foremost, apologies are in order. Forgive me, please Second, I’d still… read more

Healthy Mexican Egg White Omelette

Mexican Egg White Omelette Recipe

Nibbles | November 6, 2014

This Mexican egg white omelette recipe might sound weird but trust me, it will rock your socks off (but only if you’re wearing socks, of course). I’m in a perpetual state of financial hardship, so egg white omelettes are one of my go-tos. They’re cheap, healthy and super easy to throw together. Sometimes though, I just… read more

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